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Three Strikes... And Yer Oot!
(Documentary - 2022)

Roles: Camera Operator, Editor, Director, Producer, Sound Recordist

A documentary focusing on the history of baseball in Scotland, the 2021 season and thoughts for the future. Featuring interviews and game footage. Majority of interviews were solo shoots carried out by myself.

Roles: Camera Operator, Editor

For this video I created a style that juxtaposes darkness and light, utilising a lot of match cuts to match the rhythm of the song and showcase this juxtaposition.

Light The Fuse
(Documentary - 2023)

Roles: Director, Offline Editor, Camera Operator

I am extremely proud of this project, having guided it from conception to execution as part of a small team. My roles included the overall creative vision, filming the footage and assembling the cut, working closely with an offline editor to create the final flourishes.

Unreleased Project
(Music Video - 2022)

Broghan - Ping Ping Ping
(Music Video - 2022)

Roles: Camera Operator, Editor, Dolly Operator, Focus Puller

For this music video, I incorporated some interesting post-production effects and dolly movements with the camera to achieve the desired energy for the artist.

Unreleased Project
(Music Video - 2022)

Roles: Camera Operator, Editor

This video is evocative of the invasion of cameras into our lives. Edited from multiple camera angles and using many different takes from several types of cameras.

(Short Film - 2022)

Roles: Camera Operator, Editor, Actor, Director, Producer, Writer

An original short film of my own creation, this is a love letter to Spike Lee's "Inside Man". Taking inspiration from that film, I wrote, filmed and starred in this short piece, an Interrogation with many changing characters.

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